First Place Winner: “Canadian Gothic”

Taegan  McMullen.jpg

Congratulations to Taegan McMullen

Putting a Canadian spin on the classic 1930 painting American Gothic, Taegen's art depicts Native Canadians standing in front of a tipi while holding a lacrosse stick.

Rightwing extremists put forth the narrative that minorities don't belong in Canada, when in reality, the first people here were indigenous people, long before Europeans came to settle.

We believe Taegan's art perfectly captures Canada's history, one that directly counters the misconception that Canada is an exclusively white man's country.


Second Place Winner: “Picture This”

daniel strange-Dedier - danielstrangededier2.jpg

Congratulations to Daniel Strange

"I chose to shoot in one of my favourite locations in Toronto, The David Crombie Park. This iconic location is filed with multicultural experiences, as many diverse groups play basket ball together, and leave the prejudice off the courts" - Daniel

Many right-wing extremists put forth the narrative that Canada is a place for people of one colour, one class, and one creed... But for Daniel, David Crombie park in Toronto is a place where people come together to have a good time, regardless of race, class or creed.

We believe Daniel's art perfectly captures how Canada is a place where people are better together, rather than divided!


Third Place Winner: “Acceptance with Joy”


Congratulations to Sofia Schuringa

"I believe our unique experiences are what make us unique - our unique differences actually have the capacity to bring UNITY. There is unity in diversity, in differences, in uniqueness. Seeking the JOY in differences rather than the FEAR in differences could transform our world." - Sofia

Many of the hate-fueled narratives pushed forth by right-wing extremists involve the fear that foreign cultures were replace traditional Canadian culture. But in actuality, different cultures can coexist without replacing one another, that is the beauty of diversity.

We believe Sofia's art perfectly captures the beauty of diversity!